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  • I want to book lunch.
    Sorry, we dont accept Lunch time booking. Just walk in.
  • Do I need to make deposit when I book?
    We ask to place a deposit of $500/person. it is refundable by one business days prior notice.. Appreciate your understandings.
  • Any cancellation policies?
    Fully charged charged for "No show" or "less person."
  • Any corkage fee?
    Free charge for first bottle $300/bottle is charged for second bottle and after. Thank you
  • Any special dessert for Birthday or Anniversary?
    Please inform us when you book, we will prepare a mini cake!! with msg plate. ( $80)
  • Any cake cutting fee?
    No. Please feel free to bring your own cake.
  • Can we book private party?
    Yes. We welcome private parties. Miimum 8 persons. ( up to 10 persons)
  • Any vegetarian menu?
    Yes! But please kindly give us 3-4 days to search for your vegetbles in Japan. The price will be the same as regular set.
  • Can we take children to TENKAI?
    We welcome children at an age of 8 or older.
  • Can we be there late?
    Sorry, but basically NO. Since "Timing" is so critical to make good Tempura, we ask all of our customers to be seated on time. If you are late, other customers will have to wait until your arrival. Traffic is very unpredictable especially during weekend. PLEASE be carefull, and COME TO THE SHOP ON TIME in order to enjoy the most of our food.
  • Can we be there earlier?
    If there is enough room, absorutely YES, but please wait, have some drinks until your booking time.
  • Where is your restaurant?
    G/F, 17 Aberdeen Street, Central. (中環鴨巴甸街17號地舖) Land mark near us would be PMQ. On Aberdeen street, TENKAI is about 100 meters below from PMQ.
  • Any dress code?
    Basically, NO. However, please try to be nice to other customers. Thank you.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we accept VISA, Master, American Express, JCB, Union Pay.
  • I cannot eat ○○○. Can I have something else?
    If you have food related allergies, please inform us at earliest. We might able to find something else to serve you.
  • Why the chef Nagasawa-san is so cool? (^_^;
    Basically, because he is a little shy person, but please try to communicate him! Even though his English or Cantonese is not so good, he really enjoys talking with you! Also, cooking great Tempura looks so simple, but he needs to be super-focused on what is going on in the oil.
  • Can I take picture?
    Yes, of course, but please do not wait too long and let your food cold. The best timing to eat is when the chef place your Tempura on your plate!
  • Which salt for which Tempura?
    There is no rule. Please try the salts, first, and use whichever you liked!
  • Where are you from?
    Our chef and management team are from Shizuoka (静岡縣), Japan where has the widest varieties of ingredients in Japan, and Mt. Fuji is located. 🗻
  • Do you have a branch in Japan?
    We have closed a restaurant, and moved to Hong Kong with a new concepted brand "天海 TENKAI."
  • Is your Tempura Kanto-style or Kansai-style?
    Since our home town Shizuoka 静岡縣 is the central part of Japan, our Tempura is not Kanto or Kansai style, We try to emphasis the taste of each ingredients by using light oil, and the best temperature and timing.
  • Can we have some food for take-out?
    Please ask our staff. It all depends on which food or when.
  • Why did you choose HK?
    Our mission is to connect people through serving our authentic & creative Japanese food. Although we have very different backgrounds, we believe Hong Kong is very unique place that we can find in the world where so many different people from all over the world always respect each other's culture!
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