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<Dear customers> (日本語版があとに続きます)

New dinner menu initiatives


The protests mover in Hong Kong have continued for months, and we Japanese who love Hong Kong continue to share anxiety and difficulties with you every day.

I strongly hope that Hong Kong will overcome this difficult situation and bring back a peaceful and energetic Hong Kong. And if, even though it is very small help, our food can be a source of vitality for the Hong Kong's resurrection, we are very happy.

This time, we decided to suspend the Omakase dinner course for a while and start the low-priced Tenkai tempura dinner same as our popular lunch. We are very excited about the new service. We will continue this service until Hong Kong will get back the peace and vitality again.

We are very sorry for the customers who have been visiting us for the Omakase Dinner Course. Appreciate for your patience. However the true essence of Tenkai tempura remains unchanged even with the new dinner menu. Please enjoy a casual dining with us.

best regards,                                                                    TENKAI Owner Kajiwara Masayuki

TENKAI's Tender Tempura  



TENKAI continues to challenge the best tempura across the boundaries of deep-fried food universe. We will continue to propose tempura that is good for both heart and health. Look forward to out new menu.


New Menu is Launched at 3rd, July!

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TENKAI is happy to play your birthday / celebration message/photo/video on a big screen at your dinner. 🎁 🎂 🎊 
Please send us your favorite photo / video by 1 day before your booking date.
 ↓ a birthday message from Isaac to his papa at the Dinner party at TENKAI. 
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